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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Work Experience 20
  • Field of Study Inclusive Education
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About me

My name is Damene Matsana Malado (Ph.D.), and I graduated in September 2012 with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Special Needs and Inclusive Education from Dilla University. Also, I received a Master of Arts Degree in Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation on June 29, 2016, again from Dilla University. I earned a Ph.D. Degree in Education with a Stream of Inclusive Education from Haramaya University, Ethiopia.

I served as a primary and secondary school teacher, cluster supervisor, and district education office expert in Konta Zone and Dawro Zone of south-western Ethiopia for ten years. Furthermore, I am a young graduate and currently serving as an academic and research staff member of Dilla University’s Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education by offering different undergraduate and postgraduate courses on inclusion and Vice-Director of the Center for Educational Studies and Research since 2016. Hence, I am eager to get consultant position in any institution regarding special needs and inclusive education. Accordingly, I am committed to accomplishing all the duties of your institution and am interested in bearing my honesty and responsibility. If the chance is given to me, I will perform all the duties to the best of my knowledge and to the satisfaction of your institution.

Furthermore, you can contact my references 1/ Yilfashewa Seyoum (Ph.D., Associate professor and Ph.D. supervisor) email: yilfa2014@gmail.com; 2/ Ababu Teshome (Ph.D., Assistant professor and graduate instructor and current staff member) email: ababuteshome2004@gmail.com; 3/ Dejene Tefera (Ph.D., Assistant professor and Master’s degree advisor and current staff member) email:   dejenetef@yahoo.com.


Yours sincerely!


Damene Matsana Malado (Ph.D.)





Education and Training


English, Amharic, Omotic family languages such as Wolita, Dawro, Gamo, Konta, Gofa

Honors & awards


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