About Eyerusalem Damena

  • Academic Level Medical
  • Age 23 - 27 Years
  • Gender Female
  • Work Experience 0
  • Field of Study Doctor of Medicine
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About me

I am a graduate of Doctor of medicine and as a young female medical doctor in a developing society, l aspire to promote health and empower women through collaboration with my peers and sharing experiences.

I envision building a community that is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing times. A community that is not afraid to challenge the status quo and push boundaries. An awakened community that is aware of the issues affecting them and their surroundings, and actively seeks solutions and I believe I am capable of creating change.


  • 2016 - 2023
    St.paul's hospital millennium medical college

    Degree of Doctor of Medicine

    I have obtained the Degree of Doctor of Medicine with achievement of distinction.


  • 2022 - 2023
    St.paul's hospital millennium medical college

    Medical intern

    -Taking patient histories and conducting physical examinations.
    -Ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests
    -Prescribing medications and treatments
    -Facilitating patient care and treatment
    -Assisting in surgical procedures and operations.
    -Monitoring patients’ progress and adjusting treatment plans accordingly, after discussing patient cases with seniors
    -Communicating with patients and their families about their conditions and treatment options.
    -Documenting patient care in medical records.
    -Attending educational sessions and training programs to improve clinical skills and knowledge.


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Honors & awards

  • 2023

    Certificate of appreciation

    I got this certificate from tge federal ministry of health for my volunteer work for giving free medical service for the unprivileged community.


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