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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Work Experience 11
  • Field of Study Gender Studies
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About me

<span;>• Developed the gender analysis process,including technical guidance of consultancy, learning workshops, and implementation of the recommendations.
<span;><span;>• Systematized ongoing technical support for the development, implementation & evaluation of programs with gender equality outcomes.
<span;>• Designed regular site visits with MEAL,Area Managers and technical leads to review response implementation using a gender equality framework, to identify priority issues affecting the quality and effectiveness of program response.
<span;>• Created evidence based proposal to Identify gaps in gender-sensitive programming and develop strategies to strengthen integration of gender equality across all programs.
<span;>• Systematized to ensure strengthening gender sensitive and non-discriminatory work environment,including promoting zero tolerance to SEA.
<span;>• Ensured all areas of operation maintain current GBV mapping of specialised service providers for referrals.
<span;>• Managed staff capacity development on the application of the gender equality lens across the project cycle, as gender equality within community operations including facilitating trainings and development of gender training materials & curriculum.
<span;>• Designined & develop analysis, guidance, and capacity building to strengthen gender analysis and gender equality efforts internally, including HR processes, MEAL, grants, and partnership development.
<span;>• Managed HR unit and hiring managers to promote gender equity in recruitment retention and career development processes,including systematic integration into job descriptions and performance reviews.
<span;>• Contributing development of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials to promote gender and PSEA awareness raising with staff and communities.
<span;>• Operated strategic advice on current gender issues & take lead on opportunities for gender awareness raising initiatives, days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.
<span;>• Ensured the documentation of gender considerations in lessons learnt,best practice and case studies to contribute to wider humanitarian community.

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