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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Work Experience 15
  • Field of Study Business Administration ( Financial Management, Marketing Management)
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About me

Hello! My name is Getachew Gobena Amassaha a consultant, Business development services advisor, Trainer, Marketing Officer, Researcher. My interests include Cooperation, Business development, Human development, Leadership, environment, Human rights, gender equality, Business skills training, climate action, Photography, art, and music. I’m a co-founder, member, and former director and president of Ambo University Employees’ Consumer Cooperative Ltd. I’m married, a father of 3, working at Ambo University, and aspiring to assist people and organizations worldwide, who are striving to make our one world better than ever before. I enjoy helping the needy people and teaching at the Universities and colleges.  I joined Reviewer Credit in 2021 and so far reviewed 4 blind reviews for which I was granted a reviewer credit certificate. Currently, I’m also working on Advisory Board council membership at Oromia Cooperative Agency. I am a native of Ethiopia and still living and working in Ethiopia.



  • 2016 - Present
    Entrepreneurship Development Institute

    Business development services advisor

    Regularly visiting business startups and existing small and medium enterprises for business health checks and providing all nonfinancial services.

  • 2017 - 2020
    Ambo University

    Research and Community services Vice Dean

    Training needs assessment, Training Module preparation, conducting training, Training Evaluation, Reporting, budgeting, planning, human resources administration, scheduling, Time and priority Management, proposal reviewing and monitoring, and evaluation of Training and research Community services Projects and Portfolios.


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