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Tadesse Wolde (B. Pharm, MPH)

EPSS Dessie Hub, Ethiopia        E-mail: tadesse1627@gmail.com      Phone: 0928375964


To: Alephtav Consultancy and Trading PLC


Subject: – Junior Pharmacist

I am applying for the vacant post: of Junior Pharmacist, Duty station Addis Ababa, I appear to be a perfect match for this role because:

I have a BSc degree in pharmacy from a well-recognized Ambo University and MPH from Wollo University. Currently, I am working as a warehouse and inventory management supply chain officer in Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Service (EPSS), Dessie. Previously, I worked as a forecasting and capacity-building officer in the EPSS Samara Hub.

  • I have combined work experience of above 7 years also worked in Dalifagie Hospital as pharmacy head for 2 years and 2 months, Semera EPSS for 2 years and 8 months, Dessie EPSS for 2 year and 6 months on leading and mentoring the implementation of Supply Chain Management/IPLS, VRF data quality analysis, COVID-19 and cold chain management in different levels and work positions.
  • Support health facilities about storage, stock management and supply processes, as well as hygiene and security procedures, tools, and protocols (controlling pests and rodents), in order to ensure good storage conditions (temperatures, humidity and light exposure) and availability of drugs, medical supplies and medical equipment.
  • Ensure regular inventory and replenishment of pharmaceuticals at Ethiopia pharmaceutical supply services Wearhouse store.
  • Forecasting and Quantification to ensure the proper frequency of orders and extra-orders to ensure that the items and quantity ordered are based on health facility needs.
  • Support facilities, ensuring the proper implementation of waste management protocols, in order to ensure the quality of the service given to the population and the accurate handling of drugs and products, including its proper disposal, in terms of hygiene and security.
  • Support collecting and analyzing stock indicators according to pharmaceutical information, medication use (protocols and rational drug use), management of side effects, adherence issues etc.
  • Facilitating correct stock management and transport/storage procedures, in order to ensure the availability of stock in the projects and to avoid expiries/overstocks and stock-outs. Ensuring that all inventories of drugs and medical devices exist and are updated. In close collaboration with Logistics Department, supervising storage conditions (e.g. humidity, temperature, light exposure, cleanliness, pest and rodents’ control, stock security, maintenance of cold chain, etc.), classification, organization and inventory.
  • Coordinating, monitoring and implementing all Warehouse and Stock Management activities in the Ethiopia pharmaceutical supply service at Dessie hub and woreda health office according to WHO protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure guidelines, protocols and standard setting for health interventions, including roll-out at field level in order to achieve the highest quality of program interventions.
  • Support vaccine receiving, distribution, and data triangulation of stock consumption, and coverage at between health facility and EPSS brunch and EPSS home office.
  • Improve overall compliance of Woredas’ cold chain facilities that are used for COVID-19 and other vaccines storage, and distribution with country and global quality and regulatory standards and requirements. Provide support to health facilities for improving the preventive and curative maintenance practices for cold chain equipment that is used for the storage and transportation of vaccines.
  • Actively participate in the establishment/strengthening/ of MOH/RHB/ZHD and EPSS Technical Working Group or task force, with an emphasis on supply chain managements, COVID-19 vaccines and cold chain management. Provide in the area of quantification, supply planning and other related strategic issues to properly support the transition of recent structural changes.
  • In addition, I have excellent communication skills with partners, RHB, ZHD, WoHO, Hospital and HC staff. I have an outstanding experience in leading and coordinating the WoHO-EPSS Interface initiative, TWG /PSCSS&QT/ and EPI transition team. I also have the best experience in developing distribution plans, route mapping, Hence, I believe, I have the best knowledge with strong interpersonal integrity, dedication, and commitment to carry out all my duties and responsibilities. Thank you for reading my application letter and considering me for the position. Attached with this application, please find a copy of my CV and credentials.


Tadesse wolde


  • 2012 - 2015


    bachelor degree



data analaysis



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