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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Work Experience 20
  • Field of Study Health Sciences, Pharmacy
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About me

I  earned bachelor and master degree from Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences with  20 years versatile professional , research and management and field work coordination experience as Researcher, Consultant, Lecture,  Health Institutions Inspection Team Leader, Technical Manager, and country coordinator within Ethiopian health system  with international NGOs, government agencies, research, Healthcare and academic institutions.

I have 8 years experience as health facilities Inspection Team Leader . I have two years’ experience as Senior Pharmacist and  Technical Manager with medicines facilities with role in Pharmaceuticals Supply Management.  I have six  years’ experience as Lecturer and Department Head with role in conducting research and  teaching providing health services and performing management functions. I have 2 years’ experience as consultant under USAID funded health programs and Public Health Research projects. I have served  as  consultant and researcher with international organizations such as Jhpiego Ethiopia, Management Science for Health (MSH/SIAPS) , Tiko Ethiopia and KIT Royal Tropical Institute –Netherlands under USAID and DFID funded health projects. Furthermore I have served as research manuscripts Reviewer for Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice also served researcher at EPHI.



  • 2023 - 2023
    Jhpiego ethiopia

    Research Consultant

    Prepare technical and financial proposals.
    Participate on two days discussion and training to introduce objectives, methods, tools, work plans, timelines, and deliverables of the project.
    prepare feasible plans for data collection, data management and supervision.
    Communicate effectively with health administrators , hospital managers and health workers on objectives of the project and get consent from them to participate in research to ensure compliance with research ethics and IRB requirements;
    Conduct the hospitals document and records review;
    Conduct interview with health care workers, hospital managers, CEO, health program administrators;
    Collect quantitative data
    conduct data encoding,
    Conduct observation on the hospital health workers productivity;
    perform data entry to data encoding tools & software, KoboCollect, kobo Toolbox,
    Perform data verification; ensure data quality, ensure accuracy of data before entering to the software system and send the clean data to server
    Prepare Reports on project activities

  • 2015 - Present

    Health Institutions Inspection Team leader

    Monitoring and Evaluation of health facilities to ensure compliance with national standards and regulatory requirements to ensure quality of health care services pharmacuetical service provided to population
    Coordinate field work for data collection from health facilities,
    Lead inspection team, Provide technical support to Inspection team
    supervise health care professionals to ensure compliance with national standard in health care service provision.
    plan, organize and coordinate, over all processes and tasks of the inspection teams.
    participate in survey, research and data collection and gap assessment initiative of the authority and partners such as ministry of health, Ethiopian Public Health Institute,
    oversee health service quality and clinical practice and conduct prescription audit oversight dispensing practices, documentations, records keeping practices, health management system, processes, and tools used such as database, software system.
    Prepare training proposals, training documents Provide training and technical support to inspection team and health workers; provide leadership, ensure good teamwork.
    Prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly Reports and do assessment of task done as compared to the planned tasks, Evaluation of performance against Key Performance Indicators KPI.
    Prepare presentations for plans, reports and performed tasks to stakeholders.

  • 2013 - 2015
    Yekatite 12 Hospital medical college

    Lecturer in pharmacology

    Teaching, conducting research, provide pharmacy services, perform management works when assigned by the hospital Provide training to the hospital staff members in area of pharmaceutical management and pharmaceutical services;
    Served as quality control team leader of the hospital being assigned by the Dean; and work in collaboration with pharmacy department of the hospital
    Provide PBL training sessions; evaluate trainees against KPIs; Provide training and teaching to doctor of medicine students using different instructional techniques; such as class room lecture, demonstrations, and interactive sessions

  • 2012 - 2013
    Ethiopia Public Health Institute


    Design and excuted research projects,
    Write research proposals for fund
    Monitoring and Evaluation of public Health program;
    Oversee field research data collection and monitor data collectors,;
    Prepare reports on research results and field activities
    Undertake other relavent tasks assigned by the institution

  • 2011 - 2012
    MiBack Pharmacy

    Technical Manager, Senior Pharmacist

    Perform pharmaceutical supply chain management, Monitoring and Evaluation of suppliers;
    Dispense medication to patient; verify Doctors instructions, ensure that correct medication, dosage and dosage forms is prescribed; provide advise and drug information to clients or patient; enter prescription details to computer systems, Perform pharmaceutical data entry to computer system; pharmaceutical data encoding to software; that include prescription details, patient history, drug inventory data, billing information, and other relevant data.
    Oversee pharmacy inventory management system, monitor medication expiration dates, Provide training and technical support to staff,
    Ensure compliance with national standards and regulatory requirements,
    Prepare Reports on NPS and ADR and submit to regulatory authority

  • 2007 - 2011
    Tropical College of Medicine

    Pharmacy Instructor and Pharmacy Department Coordinator

    Teaching, conducting research, coordinate and manage pharmacy department activities, health service; Plan, organize, schedule, staff, and coordinate the program activities, prepare reports on activities conducted.
    Taught courses; Pharmacology, Research methods, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management and Public Health,
    Coordinate field work activities during practices at health facilities, pharmaceutical companies, research Institutions;
    Ensure that during practical training sessions; trainers use effective instructional techniques such as demonstrations, interactive discussions;
    Ensure quality of education; participate in curriculum development and revision; Design and develop teaching modules, training materials; support students on technical issues;
    Coordinate Research projects management;
    Prepare reports on activities conducted by the department

  • 2006 - 2007
    Metahara Sugar Factor Hospital


    Perform pharmaceutical supply management, health products selection, procurement, quantification, suppliers evaluate and selection and rational use of medicine.
    Dispense medication to clients; Provide drug information to medical staff regarding correct medication to patients, dosage, drug interactions, and dosage forms ; ensure prescription quality;
    oversee pharmaceutical supply chain management of the hospital; support purchase, perform quantification of pharmaceutical, manage inventory, oversee stock movement of health products to different units of the hospital.
    Maintain health information system management tools, Undertake pharmaceutical products and supplies database management;
    Oversee inventory management system at warehouse; ensure appropriate tools and procedures are used; ensure usability of data for purchase decision making.
    Prepare reports to medical director on tasks conducted, & prepare reports to regulatory authority on NPS


Public Health Research
Pharmaceutical supply chain management
Health Monitoring and Evaluation
Healthcare and pharmaceutical regulatory system
Quality Management System


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