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About me

I am Zelalem Aysheshim, am 29 years old. I am a Medical Doctor currently working at Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority since the past two years. I am highly motivated and hard working young physician. I have apple experience on data collection, analysis and interpretation. I was national and regional supervisor in safety surveillance study of COVID-19 vaccine.


  • 2021 - 2023
    Africa Medical College, Addis Ababa

    Masters of Public Health

    I have passed Masters in general Public Health in Africa Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • 2013 - 2019
    University of Gondar, Ethiopia

    Medical Doctor

    I have passed Doctorate degree, in Doctor of Medicine, in University of Gondar, Ethiopia.


  • 2022 - Present
    Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority

    1) Pharmacovigiliance Expert, Vaccine Safety Surveillance and Investigation Focal person at Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA) (October 2022-Present)

    1.1 . Capacity building and coordination
     Provided series of Capacity building trainings to national and regional, zonal, district health officers and primary health care unit health care professionals on AEFI surveillance system. With this regard more than 5000 health care providers were trained and this has enhanced the reporting of AEFIs from time to time.

     Familiarizing health care professionals about standard AEFI reporting form, line listing, detail case investigation procedures for serious AEFI and clusters and data management and reporting routes.

     Establishing the sub-national AEFI investigation task forces and capacity building to members.

     To enhance the countries capacity to investigate all serious AEFIs reported from rounds of massive national campaigns, sub national task forces were established in all regions. With this regard I have coordinated and provided capacity building and prepared ToR to more than 100 health care professionals to all regions for detail case investigation of serious AEFIs and clusters.
    1.2 . Document preparation
     Participate in preparation of directives, guidelines, SOPs, training manuals and trainer guides
     Familiarization of those working documents
     Follow the implementation of those documents in the lower level
    1.3 Designing and implementing AEFI surveillance system
     Designed active AEFI surveillance system in terms of Cohort Event Monitoring (CEM) for all C-19 vaccines used in the country (Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Janssen and Sino Pharm)
     Participated in designing and implementation of Adverse Event of Special Interest (AESI) sentinel surveillance system for novel Oral Polio Vaccine Type 2 (nOPV2) vaccine.
     Moreover I have participated in the protocol development, M&E tool development, setting up electronic data collection and reporting system via Google sheet, organizing study team and subsequent training on data collection and monitoring and participated in data clearance for analysis and data to Global data bases.
     Supervised study team and provided onsite feedback.
     On the active safety surveillance more than 40,000 safety data were collected from more than 50 sentinel sites across the country. Data analysis and study finding write up dissemination workshop conducted in the presence of various stakeholders including the minister of the FMoH (HE Dr. Lia Tadesse). Manuscript for Janssen, Pfizer and AstraZeneca is prepared for publication.
     Data was shared to global safety data base (Vigiflow).
    1.4 . Leading and coordinating investigation of Serious Advert Event (SAE)
    • I have coordinated, participated and led the investigation of more than 120 Serious Adverse Event (SAE) and AESIs due to various COVID-19 vaccines, nOPV2 vaccine, Anti-TB medicine, Normal Saline and other vaccines used in routine immunization. Guided and led regional AEFI investigation task forces during SAE investigation and onsite supervision given to members.
    • Preparation of case summary for those investigated cases from national as well as from different region and presents it to National Pharmacovigilance Advisory Committee (NPAC) and participated in the classification of those cases.
    • Search further information based on the recommendation provided by NPAC.
    1.5 COVAX no fault compensation (NFC)
     As a focal person for investigation of serious Adverse Event.
     Provided sensitization and raising awareness to national and sub national health care professionals and immunization program leaders at national, regional and health facility level on the COVAX AMC NFC program.
     Supported and guided claimants (eligible vaccines) on up-to-date guidance on the procedures and claim compensation. With this regard two of claimant has now reached to the final assessment by the claim administrator and among these one is paid by the company (Janssen) and the other one is at mid of processing.
    1.6 Secretary for the National Vaccine Safety Advisory Committee (NVSAC)
     Serving as a secretariat and provided technical support for the multidisciplinary members of the national Vaccine Safety Advisory Committee (NVSAC) during the causality assessment and case classification meetings.
     With this regard more than 70 cases were assessed and classified. Compiled and prepared recommendation made by the NPAC and shared to the FMoH EPI manager for improvement in immunization practices in the country.
    1.7 Data management and sharing
     Coordinate AEFI surveillance data acquisition from all sites, managed to compile more than 40,000 safety data and subsequently weekly safety data analysis and sharing with the national and sub national immunization program officers, based on the analysis finding providing feed back to the lower level.
     Periodically uploading safety data to WHO global safety data base (Vigiflow). So far 31,100 safety data were uploaded and 15000 data were vigilyzed. As of March 17, 2023, Ethiopia stands at 37th among the 152 WHO member states.
     Similarly I have participated and collaborated with regional safety data sharing with AU NEPAD 3S safety surveillance initiative. So far signal generation and validation were conducted on several instances.
    1.8 Monitoring and Supportive supervision
     Providing periodic integrated supportive supervision to the regional and lower structures during the three rounds of national C-19 vaccination campaign and nOPV2 vaccination campaign.
     Created a weekly virtual meeting platform to coordinate the safety surveillance activities with regional counterpart and stakeholders.
     Participated in the revision of National Deployment and Vaccination Plan (NDVP) for COVID-19 vaccination rollout and provided technical inputs for vaccine safety surveillance section of the document.
     Similarly participated in the national intra action review meetings of the national vaccination campaign and provided technical inputs.
    1.9 National AEFI surveillance system evaluation
     Participated in the planning, protocol development, data collection process and monitoring the overall evaluation activities. The assessment is conducted at national, regional, zonal, woreda and primary health care unit level to identify key challenges surrounding the routine passive surveillance system and to propose evidence based interventions. Currently the assessment result dissemination workshop was held in the presence of various sub national and national stakeholders including State Minster of FMOH (Dr.Dereje Diguma).

  • 2021 - 2022
    Ministry Of Health (MoH)

    2) General Medical Practitioner, FMOH, Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM)

    As a physician arriving in emergency department for any emergency situation including triaging in mass casualties, admitting patients and managing in the ward and doing follow up in chronically ill patients and worked actively both at inpatient and outpatient departments.
    Main Tasks accomplished;
     Screening patients at triage area and giving emergency management
     Admit patients and gave proper inpatient management in collaboration with the other healthcare workers
     Gave Psychosocial support for those patients in addition to the medical care
     Have experience on referral and linkage, for better Clinical investigation and case management and as well giving proper care for critical patients at time of referral and
     Participated in disease surveillance and Public health emergency management
     Participated in Non communicable and communicable diseases (Hiv/AIDS, DM, HTN…) surveillance and management
     Participated in giving support in Humanitarian areas (IDPs, refuges camp, returnees…)
     Participated in public health programs in different campaign activities (Screening and management of sick child (MAM, SAM)) and reproductive health (family planning, adolescent and youth health) in collaboration with different stakeholders.
     Have apple experience and good attitude on giving special care for emergency, special population groups (children, pregnant and lactating women and geriatrics)
     Good monitoring and evaluation, and data management practice


Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Expert
Clinical Case Manager




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